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What Are Interesting Social Problems?

What Are Interesting Social Problems?If you are interested in solving interesting social problems, you should start out by figuring out what they are. This may seem hard, because we are so accustomed to solving the types of social problems that we think of as normal or simple. However, you can help yourself and others when you choose a method or set of methods for social problems.One way to begin is to study the forms of interesting social problems. For example, if you think of traditional forms of social problems, think of the type of social problems that people have had for generations. First of all, think of all the different kinds of social problems that people have been trying to solve for ages. From the last war to labor strikes, these are some of the types of social problems that people have been dealing with for centuries.Of course, there have always been forms of social problems in public or political debate, but these have never been solved, although the approaches and tech niques have changed. Instead, as we move into new problems and issues, these types of interesting social problems will continue to be studied and analyzed, and new methods and programs for solving these will be developed.Also, there are different types of interesting social problems in which many different methods and techniques are applied. The basic point is that there are lots of interesting social problems, and a new method is needed to solve each type of interesting social problem.It seems easy to just think of all the different interesting social problems and think about how to find a solution. However, you should think about the various ways to search for the answers. How do you know which method is the right one? This is the most difficult part.You must study the history of social problems and then come up with a description of the problem. Make sure you look at all the possible approaches to solve the problem. There is no single 'best' approach, because there are so many me thods and techniques to choose from.So, now you know the important parts of interesting social problems. You should come up with a plan, or get someone else to come up with a plan for you, and then you can start choosing the right approach to solve interesting social problems.

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Database Systems and Data Management Essay - 2764 Words

Table of Contents , 1. Introduction 3 2. Data Management 3 2.1 Database 3 2.2 Database Systems 3 2.2.1 Requirement modeling 4 2.2.2 Schema design : 4 2.2.3 Implementation 4 2.3 Project 4 3. Data Mining 5 3.1 Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ITCS 6162) 5 3.1.1 Association rules 6 3.1.2 Classification 7 3.1.3 Clustering 7 Partitioning methods 8 Hierarchical methods 8 3.1.4 Anomaly Detection 8 Graphical based 9 Statistical based 9 Distance based 9 3.2 Knowledge Based Systems (ITCS 6155) 9 3.2.1 Information Systems 9 3.2.2 Query Languages and their Semantics 10 3.2.3 Project 11 4. Conclusion 12 5. References 12 1. Introduction Databases always used to fascinate me from†¦show more content†¦In this file processing system the data is defined as a part of application program. So the program works only for the specific data. Database System is an application program that can access the database by sending queries or requests to the DBMS. DBMS-Database Management System is a collection of software programs used to define, construct, maintain and manipulate data in a database. The DBMS defines a Data Definition Language-DDL for declaring and modifying the schema, a Data Manipulation Language-DML for Querying and modifying the data. Mundane operations on data are automated in the DBMS so that we dont have to program over and over for a specific data and we can write complex data manipulations in just few lines. it also makes concurrent access/manipulations possible so that many users can use data at the same time. DBMS uses three steps in building a database application. 2.2.1 Requirement modeling: It is a Conceptual model(ER-Model). This step decides on what entities should be part of the application and how they should be linked depending on its relationship with other entities. 2.2.2 Schema design: In this phase the Relational schema and relational tables are designed from the ER-model. It decides on the set of tables and attributes that have to be included in the schema. It defines the required tables in the database and populates the database. 2.2.3 Implementation: It Implements the database application in a Database specific programming languageShow MoreRelatedData Modeling For A Relational Database Management System1712 Words   |  7 PagesThe need to store and evaluate data is a perpetually growing field in the world of information systems. From the days of using flat files to very large database management systems that store petabytes of data in real time, the practice of building information from data continues to evolve. Today, the relational data model is quite ubiquitous and is used in a plethora of information systems ranging from accounting systems, banks, retail business, and scientific usage. It is important to understandRead MoreHow Database Management Systems Help Consolidate And Standardize Large Files Of Data1932 Words   |  8 PagesAchieving data independence o Comprehensive date security o Quick updating of data o Establishing data relationships It is difficult for the companies to develop and control the database. Database Management Systems help organizations to consolidate and standardize large files of data. Advantages of DBMS 1. Improved data security – Whenever in an organization the number of users accessing the data increases, risk of data security increase simultaneously. (Ramakrishnan, Gehrke 2003) DBMS provideRead MoreDatabase Management and Information Retrieval1367 Words   |  5 PagesDifferentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. Answer A database management system (DBMS) is the main software tools of the database management approach because it controls the creation, maintenance and use of the databases of an organization and its end users. Information retrieval is a system that to provide the relevant information based on the user needed. This process can be find through the passwords or keywords or queryRead MoreDescription Of A Database Management System999 Words   |  4 Pages A database is a collection of information sequenced and organized in such a way that the computer may be able to source and access it on demand by the operator. Like any other management system, a database management system is a collection of programs and protocols that enable the user to enter, sequence, organize, retrieve and select data on demand. Thus, a database management system (abbreviated as DBMS) can be defined as the cumulated system that helps the user to access and make effective useRead Moredatabase management system and information retrieval system1100 Words   |  5 PagesDifferentiate between database management system and information retrieval system by focusing on their functionalities. A database management system in the main software tool of the database management approach because it controls the creation, maintenance, and use of the database of an organization and its users. The three major functions of a database management system are first to create new database and database application. Second to maintain the quality of the data in an organized database. And last toRead MoreAn Overview Of Distributed Database Management System769 Words   |  4 Pagesof Distributed database management system In the current situation, the used of distributed network is increasing day by day. Due to its increasing demand, the requirement for improvement in distributed database management system is in high peak. Database designer and developer are working hard to meet the ongoing demand of distributed database management system. Distributed Database Management System (DDBMS) is a centralized database application that manage the distributed database and synchronizeRead MoreTechnology Is All Around Us1552 Words   |  7 Pagestechnology, large amounts of data are being collected. Data, as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is facts of information used usually to calculate, analyze, or plan something. Data is being collected almost everywhere and anywhere; students, teachers, businesses, scientist, bankers, car salesmen, just to name a few, all collect data. Database management systems were created to manage and store the data so it is accessible to the user. Huge amounts of data are being obtained regardingRead MoreUse of Database Management Systems to Meet Business Needs.1421 Words   |  6 PagesUse of database management systems to meet business needs. Submitted By: Course Title: Strategic Planning for Database Systems Date: Introduction Globalization and increased speed in business intensify competition, and most firms need to continuously innovate to ensure long term competitiveness. (Bjork and Magnusson, 2009) In the last couple of years business has seen huge transformations from the way it is conducted. Any small business may eventually grow into a bigger one or mayRead MoreDatabase Management Systems676 Words   |  3 PagesDatabase Management Systems A database management system (DBMS) is computer software designed for the purpose of managing databases. Typical examples of DBMSs include Oracle, IBMs DB2, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, 4th Dimension and FileMaker. DBMSs are typically used by Database administrators in the creation of Database systems. DBMS enables the user to store, modify, and extract information from a database(Tenner, 2005). There are many different types of DBMSs, ranging fromRead MoreDatabase Management System And Microsoft Sql Server Vs. Teradata754 Words   |  4 PagesDBMS Database Management System or DBMS is a collecting computer program used for creating, deleting, editing and maintaining collections of different data records. There are many different types of database management systems; they are used to stored, managed database model. Different DBMS systems are Relational Database System, Flat Files Base Database Management, Hierarchical Database Management Systems, Network Database Management System and Object-oriented Database Management Systems. ()

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Critically Evaluate the Importance of Regulator in...

Users of accounting information, who do not have day to day access to the record of the business, rely on the integrity and judgment of management to provide suitable information of a high quality. All financial statements are essentially historical documents they shows the financial performance of the company. Most users of financial statements are concerned about what will happen in the future and decision making upon the present or past financial records of the company. Stockholders are concerned in future earnings and dividends. Creditors are concerned with the company’s future ability to repay its debts. Managers are concerned with the company’s ability to finance future expansions. Despite the fact that financial statements are†¦show more content†¦It is essential that the information provided in financial statements is readily understandable by users. Users are assumed to have a reasonable knowledge of business and economic activities and accounting, and a willingness to study the information with reasonable diligence. Also information has the quality of relevance when it influences the economic decisions of users by helping them evaluate past present and future events or confirming or correcting the past evaluations. Information is material and it depends on the size of the item or error judge in the particular circumstance of its omission or misstatement. The IASB framework takes the view that materiality is a cut off point whether information is important to the users. If information must be relevant but so unreliable that it could be misleading so the information must be reliable. Information has the quality of reliability when it is free from material error and bias. Comparability in a financial statement means that users must be able to compare the financial statements of enterprise overtime to identify trends in its financial position and performance. Users must also be able to compare the financial statements of different companies to evaluate their relative financial position, performance and changes. The accounting measurement principles that establish reliability and about the disclosure of information that allowsShow MoreRelatedThe Case Of Enron And Worldcom1490 Words   |  6 Pagesoffset the cost. This paper begins with the definition and brief description of statutory audit. It will then go on to address main issue by critically discuss whether the statutory audit still serves a purpose. The evidence that agree with this statement would be audit has emerged as powerful key to ensure the accountability and transparency of financial statement. Moreover, audit is frequently prescribed for protecting the users from corruption by monitoring the company’s control system. However, theRead MoreA Sound Financial Reporting System, Supported by High Quality Accounting Standards and Backed by a Solid Regulatory, Governance and Ethical Framework, Is a Pre-Requisite for Economic Development.2064 Words   |  9 Pagesâ€Å"A sound financial reporting system, supported by high qua lity accounting standards and backed by a solid regulatory, governance and ethical framework, is a pre-requisite for economic development†. Accounting has been around since the beginning of civilization and played an important role in the development of cities, trade and the concepts of wealth. Nowadays, business is very complex and therefore there is an increased need for providing accurate and reliable financial information. MoreoverRead MoreSOLUTIONS MANUAL to accompany MODERN AUDITING ASSURANCE SERVICES4904 Words   |  20 Pagesauditors and accountants discharging their responsibilities, there have been spate of regulatory and profession reforms that are designed to restore confidence to both the public and the profession. The concept of audit independence is being examined critically in respect of its relevance and contribution to the public interest. The impact of the expanded role include: Increased public scrutiny of the fees payable to and the independence of auditors; Increased opportunities for auditors and accountantsRead MoreInternational Accounting Standards Board Review International Financial Reporting Standard 8 Essay6348 Words   |  26 PagesCHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The (IASB) International Accounting Standards Board published International Financial Reporting Standard 8 (IFRS 8) Operating Segments on 30 November 2006. The standard superseded IAS 14 Segment Reporting, which was applicable pursuant to Regulation 1606/2002/EC (IAS Regulation). According to Trucco (2015) IFRS 8 Operating Segments requires some particular classes of entities (essentially those with publicly traded securities) to disclose informationRead MoreCorporate Management in Action2881 Words   |  12 PagesACTION LEVEL: 7 CLASS: - Indicative Content †¢ Critically appraise the effect of changes in corporate governance on an organization †¢ Identify the principles of sound corporate governance in an organization †¢ Appraise the impact of corporate governance on internal controls in an organization †¢ Describe recommendations and regulations on corporate governance within organizations †¢ Critically analyze the impact of recommendations and regulations of corporate governanceRead MoreInternational Classification of Accounting Systems1997 Words   |  8 PagesClassification of Accounting Systems Critically evaluate to what extent past research into classification of accounting systems has become irrelevant because of international harmonization efforts. Let us remind that IASC was replaced in 2001 by IASB (International Accounting Standards Board). We are going to start this paper with the different classification researches, taking for example Hofstede and Gray’s studies. Then we will draw the main differences between GAAP (Generally AcceptedRead MoreInformation On Financial Accounting And Reporting Essay4854 Words   |  20 Pagesis on financial accounting and reporting. Hence, for the phenomena being investigated, the researcher will employ one of the most commonly used frameworks for this purpose, namely the decision usefulness theory. Other lenses could have been used such as accountability theory, but these were not selected in the current study because they were not thought to be appropriate for the research questions being addressed. Ijiri (1983) argues that the choice of theoretical framework will critically affectRead MoreInternational Financial Reporting System (Ifrs) Convergence2895 Words   |  12 PagesABSTRACT International Financial Reporting System (IFRS) convergence - effects on Indian banking System As Indian economy is gradually attuned to the global best practices, the country is slated to converge the Indian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from 01.04.2011 The Banking and Insurance sectors are excluded from this cut off time period and the convergence activities are ongoing. There is need for convergence of RBIRead More Budgeting Essay3546 Words   |  15 PagesBudgeting Budgeting is the systematic method of allocating financial, physical, and human resources to achieve an organization’s strategic goals. Budgets are utilized by for-profit and non-profit organizations to monitor the progress towards the goals, assist in the control of spending, and help predict cash flow for the organization. The central challenge that budget developers encounter is predicting what the future holds for the internal business and external factors. Reading the future isRead MoreCamel Rating in Banking12128 Words   |  49 Pagesother hand, it has disadvantages of not following the Vietnamese bank closely, ignoring the interaction with bank’s top management and overlooking the provisions as well as allowance for loan loss ratios. The paper further discusses the current financial crisis and the banking supervisory tool in Europe by an indepth interview with a banker. Keywords: Number of pages: Language: Date of acceptance: banking supervision, on-site examination, off-site surveillance, the CAMEL rating system, AIA Vietnam

Kashmir Essay Example For Students

Kashmir Essay KASHMIR?Geography,Kashmir is located in Himalayan range. Most of the area is mountainous with very fertile land, beautiful lakes, covered with thick green forests and produce verity of fruits. Area, 84471 sq.: miles; with boundaries with Pakistan, India, china and Afghanistan. Population,About 5 million consisting of 77% Muslim. Borders with Pakistan 902 miles and borders with India 307 miles. Brief History, The state of Kashmir came into existence in 1848 when Lord Lawrence the Governor General of British India sold the area to Gulab Singh a leader of Hindu dogra tribe for RS 7.5 million. Dogra rulers treated the Muslim Population who was meek, poor and peace loving harshly and taxed them Heavily. At that time of partition of India every state was given the option of acceding either to India or Pakistan. Lord Mountbatten the last Viceroy of India in his addressed the prince of the state on July 25,1947 said, accede to India or Pakistan, bearing in mind the geographical situation by the respective state, the composition of their population and wishes of their people. According to the portion of India plan announced by the viceroy of India on June 3 1947, the Muslim majority provinces were to become Pakistan and those with Hindu majority were to form India. The province of Punjab was accordingly to be divided. A boundary commission headed by sir Redchiff was appointed. This commission wrongfully awarded a Teshil (county) namely Gurdaspur to India to provide land connection between Kashmir and India. On July 19 1947 the Muslim conference, the only political party of Kashmir announced that it demands accession to Pakistan. The Hindu maharaja Harry Singh honoree acceded to India whole population rose in revolt. The maharaja fold to India and the Indians troops invoked the valley on October 27 1947. The Kashmir freedom fighter supported by Afghanistan tribes men put up a resistance. The Security Council of UNO passed a resolution asking India and Pakistan to cease-fire for January 1,1949. In another resolution the Security Council asked both the count ries to with draw their forces from the state for an impartial plebiscite under the control of UNO to decide the future of Kashmir. UN military observes has since been appointed on cease-fire line. A commission to arrange plebiscite was also appointed headed by Mr. Gunner Jarring. India however has been adopting delaying tactics ever since to allow the Kashmiris to exercise their right of self determination. India and Pakistan have gone to war over in 1965 and 1971. In 1971 the cease-fire line was given the name of line of control. The people of Kashmir struggled in peaceful political way for about 40 years and then started armed resistance 11 years ago. The India govt. deployed 0.6 million troops to crush the resistance with tyranny and iron hand. The atrocities and violation of human rights has been recently announced in a report by Asia watch an international human rights group. Some by the figures are: 1. There is 1 military person per 7.Killed 60,000 in less than 9 years, injur ed 41,000 Refugees 50,000, People burned alive 5000. 2. There are 10,000 young widows at present in Kashmir. Women gang raped 47003.There are 7000 youth in the jail. There are 585 government schools, out of which 262 are with the security forces. Some of them are used as interrogation centers and torture cells. The army also occupies the sports stadiums. -school, shops and houses burned and destroyed 27,470 4.There are 30,000 orphans. 5. There are 20 to 25 deaths per day (by killings) by false encounter .There are approximately 10 to 15 people taken in the lockup daily. .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 , .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .postImageUrl , .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 , .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2:hover , .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2:visited , .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2:active { border:0!important; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2:active , .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2 .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .ufafa78bfb85f76caf55cd6099869f5d2:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Real Family Values Essay6.There are 60 doctors including the junior most for the 500 bedded hospital, which admits 600 patients. In Feb 1999, the Kashmiri freedom fighters supported by Mujahideens of Afghanistan and Pakistan took control of kargil, Batalak and Daras sector in High Mountain cutting off supply route of India occupation army in Leah and siachin. Indian army could not even after 2 months of attempts dislodge them and suffered heavy casualties. Tension mounted so much that India and Pakistan were on the verge of full-scale war, which could turn into a nuclear war. This looming nuclear disaster over south east Asia has for the time begin halted due to the intervention by the US president. It is hoped that dialogue would soon be resumed to reach the political settlement the Kashmir issue has now become internationalized and the world community has realized the danger if it remains unsolved, the Kashmir peoples struggles for last 52 years to achieve their right of self determination is at last in final phase. . The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people Martin Luther King

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The Stranger Essay Research Paper The StrangerThe free essay sample

The Stranger Essay, Research Paper The Stranger The Stranger, by Albert Camus, is about the life of a really complex character named Meursault. Meursault is a really quiet individual who seldom shows any external emotions when a state of affairs in which most people would. He displays limited feelings for his girlfriend, Marie Cardona, and shows no compunction at all for killing an Arab. He remains this manner through most of the book, but towards the terminal he starts to understand his feelings better. Meursault s reactions to life and to people tend to distance him from his emotions and from his relationships with others. In the opening scene of the book, we find out that his female parent has merely died. The first page entirely gives many intimations about Meursault # 8217 ; s character and it shows him to be about unaware of his emotions. He feels the demand to apologise for things that are out of his control and to thank people for things that they had nil to make with. We will write a custom essay sample on The Stranger Essay Research Paper The StrangerThe or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He fundamentally apologizes to his foreman when he asks for two yearss off of work to travel the funeral for his dead female parent. He goes through the full funeral without exposing any external emotions, stating that he doesn # 8217 ; t want to see the organic structure and that he doesn # 8217 ; t want to pay his last respects. He smokes and drinks java with the caretaker, which is considered unusual in the topographic point and clip the narrative takes topographic point. At the terminal of Part 1, Meursault shoots and kills an Arab adult male. After he kills the Arab, he describes the feeling like, # 8220 ; it was like strike harding four speedy times at the door of unhappiness. # 8221 ; ( 59 ) He merely describes it as sadness, something comparatively mild on a graduated table of emotions. Toward the terminal of the book he remarks that he wanted to snog a adult male, and tells us that this is the first clip he has of all time had this feeling. He wants to give thanks to Celeste, a adult male who owns a eating house under the same name and where Meursault often eats. This shows that he experiences emotions and even though he doesn # 8217 ; t normally act on it, it # 8217 ; s still at that place. There is one other case towards the terminal of the book where Meursault # 8217 ; s emotions about break through to the surface. He says that he feels like weeping, which he hasn # 8217 ; t felt like in old ages, because he could experience how much ev eryone at his test hates him. Meursault believes love doesn Ts exist, he doesn # 8217 ; t understand what it is and thinks that it is nonmeaningful. When Marie, his girlfriend, asks him if he loves her, he replies that he doesn # 8217 ; t believe love agencies anything, but that he besides doesn # 8217 ; t think so. When she asks him a 2nd clip, his response is the same. She asks him to get married her and he is really non-reactive about it. Alternatively of stating a definite yes or no, he says that it is up to her and that if she wants them to be married so he will travel along with it. The relationship humor h his female parent besides shows a deficiency of love, although, there is one case where he says that he likely did love his female parent, but that it still didn’t average anything. At his test, the prosecuting officer shows these features to the jury to convert them that he is non a normal individual and this leads them to the determination that he is a cold blooded liquidator. Meursault illustrates that adult male has freedom of pick, # 8220 ; It was so that I realized that you could either shoot or non shoot. # 8221 ; ( 56 ) He sees the picks that he can do and that effects of his actions are traveling to impact him. At this point he does non hit, but subsequently on he rethinks his determination and hit the Arab. He ends up paying the effects after he is arrested and finally he realizes what he has done. # 8220 ; I was about to state that precisely, because they were felons, but so I realized that I was one too. # 8221 ; ( 69 ) There is besides a scene in the courtroom when he thinks to himself that he is guilty. He admits that he has to pay for what he has done and thinks to himself, # 8220 ; I was guilty, I was paying for it, and nil more could be asked of me. # 8221 ; ( 75 ) Towards the terminal of the book he thinks a batch about his decease, but non in a negative manner, about in a funny manner. He thinks about his male parent traveling to witness an executing and thinks to himself, # 8220 ; There s nil more of import than an executing and that it # 8217 ; s the lone thing a adult male could genuinely be interested in. # 8221 ; ( 110 ) He wonders what it will experience like to mount the scaffolding up to the closure by compartment. He believes that the universe is apathetic or hostile, and that there truly is no point to it. Meursault believes that there is no such thing as human nature. By extinguishing emotions, love affair, and fond regards, non much of what is considered human nature remains. Peoples may take to make what they wish every bit long as they are responsible for their actions and face the effects. He reads a narrative in the newspaper while he is in gaol about a adult male being beaten to decease by his ain sister and female parent who didn # 8217 ; t know that it was their comparative, # 8220 ; absolutely natural. # 8221 ; ( 80 ) This shows that he believes there is a deficiency of human nature, or at least that he believes in a different human nature than most. Another quotation mark that supports the fact that there is no such thing as human nature and that people are alone is when he talks about the attorney, stating that, # 8220 ; He didn # 8217 ; t understand me, and was kind of keeping it against me. # 8221 ; ( 66 ) Meursault is isolated and alone ; he finds the universe to be hostile, life to be unaccountable and love affair to be a figment of your imaginativeness. These are all shown in assorted cases throughout the book. The complexness of this character and seeking to calculate out what is traveling through Meursault # 8217 ; s head is why this is such a great book.

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Lets Hear A Little Respect for the Pluperfect

Lets Hear A Little Respect for the Pluperfect Lets Hear A Little Respect for the Pluperfect Lets Hear A Little Respect for the Pluperfect By Maeve Maddox Television writers have little respect for standard English grammar. I know that. I also know that American writers in general have little use for the pluperfect (past perfect) tense, preferring instead to use the simple past with adverbial modifiers. Nevertheless, I was astonished by an exchange between a judge and a lawyer on an episode of the The Good Wife: The lawyer is trying to impugn a witness who has testified that a young man arrested at the scene of a murder did not have time to construct a story to conceal his involvement. The lawyer points out that, according to the police report, the man did have time. The lawyer says that by the time the suspect had reached the police station, †¦he had had time to construct a story. When the lawyer requests that his client be released on bail, the judge fixes him with a disapproving frown and says, Request denied. If for no other reason than that you used the pluperfect tense. Apparently TV writers are at war with more than pronouns. The pluperfect, also called the past perfect, is a verb tense used to indicate that an action took place before some other past action. It is formed with the auxiliary verb had and a past participle: When I arrived, the dog had gone. The word pluperfect derives from the Latin phrase tempus praeteritum plus quam perfectum, meaning past tense more than perfect. The word perfect comes from Latin perfectus, meaning completed. An action in the pluperfect is over, done, finished. Heres an example of a novelists use of the pluperfect when writing a third person narrative in the past tense. Its from Death in Holy Orders by English writer P. D. James. The ash, with its heavy cladding of ivy, was unmissable, but as they turned into the road, which was little more than a lane, one glance showed clearly what had happened. A large bough of the tree had been torn from the trunk and now lay along the grass verge, looking in the growing light as bleached and smooth as a bone. From it sprouted dead branches like gnarled fingers. The main trunk showed the great wound where the branch had been torn away, and the road, now passable, was still strewn with the debris of the fall: curls of ivy, twigs and a scatter of green and yellow leaves. The earliest example of the term pluperfect in the OED is dated 1500. The latest illustration of the term, dated 1995, reflects the modern disdain for this tense: 1995 Church Times 17 Nov. 17/3 They each gave us a few paragraphs of Mills Boon prose which were rather hard going, being over-full of pluperfect verbs. NOTE: Mills Boon is a British romance publisher founded in 1908 and sold to Harlequin Enterprises in 1971. American writers, perhaps aiming for a breezy style, avoid the pluperfect as much as possible, but they do use it. The following extracts from Tunnel Vision show how Sara Paretsky deals with it. Sometimes she disguises it with contractions: Id had my office there for ten years, so long Id come to overlook its litany of ills. Sometimes she introduces the pluperfect with a had, then switches to simple past: The building had already been one-third empty when the Culpeppers handed out their notice at New Years. They tried first to bribe, then to force, the rest of us into leaving. And sometimes she stays with the pluperfect throughout a paragraph: In a seconds unthinking revulsion I had thrust the bat back behind the radiator. I wanted to protect Emily and I didnt want anyone to know the weapon was there. But I would have to tell the police. Staring sightlessly into the mist, I saw it had been foolish to think otherwise. And my first impulse, to make an anonymous call, was also foolish: my prints were on the bat. At least I hadnt been so stupid as to wipe them clean. Any writing device can become an obstacle to reading comfort, for example: sentences all the same length, numerous characters whose names all begin with the same sound, an unusual word used numerous times. And yes, over-use of the pluperfect. However, just because the use of the pluperfect in narrative writing has its pitfalls, dont fall for advice that tells you to avoid the clumsy pluperfect altogether. The pluperfect is a useful narrative tense. Its up to the writer to keep it from becoming clumsy. The next time you read over your work and feel yourself becoming bogged down in hads, you might question the way you are presenting your story. The fault may lie with an over-reliance on flashbacks. You may need to figure out some other way to lay in your back story. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Fiction Writing category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Writing a Reference Letter (With Examples)15 Great Word GamesDozen: Singular or Plural?

Saturday, February 29, 2020

How to Choose the Right Extracurriculars for You

When it comes to your high school experience, academics and standardized testing are usually clearly mapped out for you. There are paths leading through course loads of varying difficulty; there are required standardized tests and well-known study tools to prepare for them; and your GPA is a clear indication of your success in your academic work. The academic side of things might be pretty clear, but the same can’t be said for extracurriculars. It’s hard to know exactly what role extracurricular activities should play in your high school experience, let alone on your college applications. Extracurriculars are a broad category to begin with — they seem to encompass everything from starting your own dog-walking business to participating in groundbreaking scientific research projects. So you might be wondering, what’s the deal? Are some extracurriculars more important than others? Which will be most heavily weighted on your college application? And how do you know which are worth pursuing? In this post, we’ll give an outline of how to choose extracurriculars that not only are personally fulfilling but also augment your profile as a college applicant. Read on for the five standards you should keep in mind when selecting an extracurricular activity. A little bit of insight can go a long way. Here at , we have a team of experts who have been in your shoes. Read through this guide on high school extracurriculars, and then check out our Near Peer Mentorship Program . You’ll have access to the insights of peer mentors who have been through this process and are ready to share with you all the ins and outs of choosing the right extracurricular activities. There is no simple answer to how important extracurriculars are on your college applications. There are definitely some schools to which you may apply that will admit you based off of your academic record and your essays and recommendations alone. Your extracurriculars might get little to no weight. More selective schools, though, tend to place a heavier weight on extracurriculars. Most of the students who apply to the most selective schools will be academically qualified. These students will have strong GPAs and great test scores. So what will set apart the elite 5-10% who ultimately get accepted to these schools? Many times extracurriculars mark the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application, so it’s worth knowing that they can play a big role in college admissions in some cases. The line between activities that you have participated in and activities that you can consider extracurriculars is somewhat blurry. In general, though, an extracurricular activity is one that you participate in regularly outside of your required academic work.